Training Needs Analysis

Our team of experienced consultants will guide you through the prosess or conduct the the Analysis for you.

Our team will conduct the GAP Analysis of what is being taught to what will be required once the new equipment or new process is put into place.

They will conduct a DIF analysis of each individual task giving a true representation of how difficult, important and how frequent a task is conducted.

We will write the Training standards and the operational standards then finally finish with the TNA report.


We are fully conversant with writing

Lesson Plans  (ISPECs)

Course Plans  (CSPECs)

Assessments  (ISPECs)

Assessment stratagies (ASTRATs)

Training Performance Standards (TPS)

Operational Performance Standards (OPS)


We also use different media applications from powerpoint to full animated videos

Some of our training projects

Falcon is a deployable network communications system used by large battle groups

Conducted the scoping study for the TNA

Conducted task analysis  and confirmed maintenance tasks could be carried out in their allocated time.

Designed the training for every piece of equipment on the Falcon.

We have written numerous training document for the ISTAR projects within the Armed forces.

Conducted the original TNA on the heavy, Medium and light assets

Wrote the technical documentation , students handouts and maintenance manuals.


We have taught Artillary detachment commanders the operation of the equipment.

REME maintainers how to repair the electrical and mechanical systems associated with the equipment and finally we have taught the Royal signals and USSO how to maintain the computer network and to manage it in an operational environment.


We were involved in the selection and trials of new medical equipment for the Air Medical Emergency teams.

We completed the TNA for the life saving equipment of the  Air medical teams including Air Evacuation(AE), CCAST and MERT.

Assisted in the design of lessons for new equipment that replaced end liffe equipment.

Other project we have been involved with:




Common core ground school








Hawk Jet

Mobile Ground Station Xiena

Type 45 Destroyer 

AMM Engineering Course

Foundation Degree in heavy lifting and transpotation

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